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HAF 4N : it has a fully cured nitrile butadiene rubber binder for maximum fluid resistance. It has excellent sealability in a variety of environments and flange conditions. Max Operating temperature 290°C

HAF 9082 HD : It is a mix of reinforced fibers with high rubber contents. It is a flexible material with high recovery property and can be used for soft gasket applications like oil/fuel/water pumps, carburetors, gearboxes, oil pans etc. Max Operating temperature 180°C

HAF 4S : It is designed for various oil, air and coolant applications such as oil pans,front covers, intake manifolds and rear seals. Offers improved oil sealability over nitrile butadiene bound materials . Max Operating temperature 290°C

HAF 9085 HT : A high density high performance material used in a wide variety of Applications. Offers excellent resistance to water coolant, oil and fuels. Excellent strength and sealability characteristics , fullyn cured nitrile butadience Binder for applications . Max Operating temperature 190°C

HAF 9115 :Gasket material is design for heavy-duty applications including compressors, diesel engines and other. It has excellent low flange pressure sealability and bolt torque retention. Max Operating temperature 205°C

HAF 9313 : Premium Quality Controlled swell material. Conforms well to flange surface imperfections. This material contains a latent cure styrene binder with a blend of cellulose & aramid fibers.Recommended for water & oil applications . Intermittent Operating temperature 290°C

HAF 9316 : It is fully cured styrene butadiene rubber binder and a blend of Aramid and cellulose fibers. It is intended for oil and water application. Max Operating temperature 290°C

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